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Posts Tagged ‘finding hyrule’

Chapter 5: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on January 25, 2009

Chapter 5: Volleyball

Short Excerpt:

The pair finally arrived at school, with Travis scoffing down his chips while dropping some all over the place.

“Why didn’t you just wait until later to eat them?” asked Nathan.

Travis quickly finished off the chips he had in his mouth and replied, “Couldn’t wait.”

“Yeah, but now you only have about a minute to finish them off!” Travis only shrugged off his question as he went back to eat more chips. Nathan sighed and the two walked through the front door of the school.


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Chapter 4: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on December 30, 2008

Chapter 4: Real Time

Short Excerpt:

It was Monday. The sun shone brightly through the blinds. The light went straight into Nathan’s sleeping eyes and as it was barely penetrating his eyelids, he woke up. He groaned and sat up from his sleeping position. He looked at the blue flute object that was on his bedside table. He had tried to play it over the last few days but every note he made sounded awful, and everyone in the household complained about the noise when he played it.

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Chapter 3: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on November 25, 2008

Chapter 3: Tunnels

Short Excerpt:

The tunnel was dark. Sure, they could see at the entrance of the tunnel because of the light shining through but when they got deeper inside, the light started fading away. Soon, they wouldn’t be able to see.

They have been walking down the tunnel for several minutes now. They have not passed any sign of an exit anywhere, just more tunnel.

The tunnel seemed to be a mixture of man-made and natural features, like the supports throughout the tunnel to keep it from collasping and the amount of plant life that, very surprisingly, could live in an area where there is barely any sunlight. The mixture of these two features seemed to hint that the area was built by someone but it hasn’t been used for a long time. Nathan and Travis began to wonder why this tunnel is here.

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Chapter 2: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on November 8, 2008

Chapter 2: Cramps

Short Excerpt:

They never got the tent set up. They didn’t try either. The two just walked back to the campsite and collapsed on the cold, rocky ground. Never of them minded the hardness of the ground. They were just happy to be asleep.

When the sun rose, light barely made it through the thickness of the trees surrounding them both. I took a while for the sunlight to create any reaction from Nathan and Travis. The first reaction was a slight twitch from Nathan. The second reaction was an annoyed groan from Travis. The third reaction was Nathan opening his eyes. Soon after Travis opened his eyes as well.

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