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New Section – Upcoming Events

Posted by shaun832 on January 19, 2009

I’ve added a brand new section on the site called ‘Events’. I want to make events so I can become more involved in the online community.

The latest event will be a game night for Burnout Paradise on the Xbox 360. Go to the Events section now for more info. I don’t expect a lot of people to show up but if you read this post, please try and make it.

I might use the section to organise times for BlogTV shows in the future. It just depends. Later!


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Inside the Mind of Dr Freeman

Posted by shaun832 on January 14, 2009

Yesterday, I stumbled across a YouTube series named ‘Freeman’s Mind’. It takes a humorous look at what Gordon Freeman is thinking during the events of Half-Life. Below the first episode:

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the series:

– Oh cool! A robot! Robots are the only friends I need!
– NO! I don’t want to be a schizophrenic!!!
– It’s an Etch-a-Sketch from hell!
– Follow the dead body road! Follow the dead body road!

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Criticism in a Sentence

Posted by shaun832 on January 12, 2009

I decided to make a regular ‘feature’ on this blog to make sure that I write more often. Basically this is how it works. Every now and then, I’ll pick some movies or games (more often games) and I’ll quickly criticise it in a short sentence. Let’s begin! For my first one, I’ll choose five.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – Timer plus stealth plus repetition equals the worst level imaginable!
  2. Half-Life 2 – I hate headcrabs. I know thats not really criticising it and this is a second sentence but I really f%&*ing hate headcrabs!
  3. Burnout Paradise – Crashing hurts.
  4. Final Fantasy IV – The Active Time Battle system is a bad idea and has always been bad!
  5. Die Hard 4.0 – It’s just a smidge over the top!

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Nintendo Patents Self-Playing Games

Posted by shaun832 on January 11, 2009

Link – Here is the link to the official application but be warned, it’s long and very technical. Instead I’ll just give you a brief rundown.

On June 30, 2008, Shigeru Miyamoto applied for a patent on a new gameplay mechanic. The mechanic goes simply like this:

– There is a scene select screen where you can replay previous parts of the game.
– There is a hint button which will give you hints if you are stuck.
– There is an option to make the game play itself. This means that the game will take over and solve difficult puzzles for you.

On a final note, according to the diagrams for this application, the first game that this gameplay mechanic will be used for will be the upcoming The Legend of Zelda title on the Wii.

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An Update as Such

Posted by shaun832 on January 11, 2009

Don’t yell at me for not updating often. It’s just been hard to find stuff to write about. Since many things have built up of the Christmas holidays, let’s just talk about what has happened over the last month or so.

Firstly, I got a laptop of Christmas. I also got the ability to put my Xbox 360 in my room.

Speaking of Xbox 360, I bought The Orange Box and I’ve been playing a lot of Half-Life 2 at the moment. I’ve almost finished it so soon I’ll move onto Episode 1 and later on Episode 2.

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for a live show on BlogTV. I can’t think of anything so if you want to suggest a few things, go ahead.

I’ve made 5 new videos on my YouTube account. I’ll post links to them in the videos section of my blog.

Nothing else has been happening other than the previous things. I guess I can talk about what I’m going right now. I’m listening to this. It’s an internet radio station that plays music from the Zelda games. Have a look if you have the time!

Well, that’s about it for me. I promise that I will try to update more often! Later!

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Chapter 4: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on December 30, 2008

Chapter 4: Real Time

Short Excerpt:

It was Monday. The sun shone brightly through the blinds. The light went straight into Nathan’s sleeping eyes and as it was barely penetrating his eyelids, he woke up. He groaned and sat up from his sleeping position. He looked at the blue flute object that was on his bedside table. He had tried to play it over the last few days but every note he made sounded awful, and everyone in the household complained about the noise when he played it.

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GTA IV Has it’s Flaws

Posted by shaun832 on December 11, 2008

Okay, before you complain about the fact that this game came out all the back in April and it might just be a little bit late to post a blog entry criticizing it, I want to point out something. I only got my first Xbox 360 a month ago and I got GTA IV with it. So I’ve only had it for about a month and I feel that’s a good time to start pointing out it’s flaws. Maybe it’s actually a tad late as it is. Oh well. Let’s start this mini-review.

The first thing I noticed about this game is the fact that it has so much to do i it. I mean, you can catch rides in taxis, watch tv, go bowling, get drunk, err, watch tv… There’s a problem here. There’s so much to do in it but it seems to wear a bit thin fairly early. The only thing these activities I mentioned are there is that they are to distract you from actually playing the game, except for the taxi rides of course.

The driving controls are pathetic. In previous GTA games, it’s easy to turn tight corners but on this one, trying to turn a corner will send you sliding straight into an unsuspecting police officer. Don’t say that I should slow down to turn the corners because that’s what I was doing. Also, don’t try to handbrake. It just makes things much more difficult.

The fact that when you crash into a solid object at a high velocity will send Niko through the windscreen and into oncoming traffic is cool at first but it soon becomes a major annoyance. For example, you’re chasing a guy and you almost get near him and a barrier comes out of nowhere and sends you flying into the water as you watch helplessly as the man gets away.

A problem with the previous example is that some objects don’t render themselves fast enough when you are going at a high speed and you hit an invisible object just before it becomes visible. I’ve only had this happen to me a couple of times but it is a bit annoying and maybe I shouldn’t complain this much about it.

There are many more problems with this game but it is overlooked by the ability to run innocents over with a bus, before you run into a tree and kill yourself.

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No Internet = Buildup of Updates

Posted by shaun832 on November 28, 2008

Over the past week, I had no internet. Yesterday I got it back and the amount of updates to the sites I go to was fairly staggering. I’ll try summarising the updates into a short list.

  • 55 New Emails, none of them spam.
  • Approx 10,000 words on stories that I read.
  • Approx 10 new comics for webcomics such as 8-Bit Theater and Penny Arcade.
  • Countless videos including a new AVGN video and two new Zero Punctuation episodes.

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Chapter 3: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on November 25, 2008

Chapter 3: Tunnels

Short Excerpt:

The tunnel was dark. Sure, they could see at the entrance of the tunnel because of the light shining through but when they got deeper inside, the light started fading away. Soon, they wouldn’t be able to see.

They have been walking down the tunnel for several minutes now. They have not passed any sign of an exit anywhere, just more tunnel.

The tunnel seemed to be a mixture of man-made and natural features, like the supports throughout the tunnel to keep it from collasping and the amount of plant life that, very surprisingly, could live in an area where there is barely any sunlight. The mixture of these two features seemed to hint that the area was built by someone but it hasn’t been used for a long time. Nathan and Travis began to wonder why this tunnel is here.

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Chapter 2: Finding Hyrule

Posted by shaun832 on November 8, 2008

Chapter 2: Cramps

Short Excerpt:

They never got the tent set up. They didn’t try either. The two just walked back to the campsite and collapsed on the cold, rocky ground. Never of them minded the hardness of the ground. They were just happy to be asleep.

When the sun rose, light barely made it through the thickness of the trees surrounding them both. I took a while for the sunlight to create any reaction from Nathan and Travis. The first reaction was a slight twitch from Nathan. The second reaction was an annoyed groan from Travis. The third reaction was Nathan opening his eyes. Soon after Travis opened his eyes as well.

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