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Archive for the ‘Games’ Category

Posted by shaun832 on April 14, 2009

I’ve just become a content writer over at My username is GioSpy so please, register on the forums and speak with me. My first article for the website is up. It’s a review for TLoZ: Twilight Princess, so go and read.


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Vlog Cereal and Back to School

Posted by shaun832 on February 7, 2009

Recently, I was accepted into a YouTube collaboration channel called Vlog Cereal. The channel can be found here. A new video is posted every weekday, if not then punishments will be given out!. I post my video every Wednesday so be sure to check back their often. Below is a list of the five users who are in this collab.

KitJustLostTheGame – Monday
AwesomeMattMachine – Tuesday
Shaun832 – Wednesday
GizzardTheWizard – Thursday
MeowKayteee – Friday

Be sure to check out the other people’s channels!

On another note, school has just started for me again. But this time, it will different. This Summer (right now, right here), Shaun McGarry stars in, YEAR 11!!! This time, he will be exhausted beyond belief! In cinemas never.

Yes, the conveniently placed movie-trailer-thats-not-a-movie-trailer-because-it-is-actually-just-some-text-that’s-made-to-look-like-the-words-from-a-trailer is correct. There’s not much to say about it except for… the agonising crushing reality that the next two years are going entirely exhausting. The problem is that it already is now. Crap.

Now for something game related. I’ve played through and finished Saints Row 2 and I must say, it’s over the top but this is a good thing. Games are supposed to imitate everything that’s never going to ever happen, not copy the exact dullness for real life, *cough* Grand Theft Auto IV *cough*. In Saints Row 2, the minigames are fun and over-the-top. You have minigames where you blow stuff up in a helicopter and you have minigames when you spray poo onto people, cars and houses, which is fun especially if you aim it the the many cops that will chase you down.

Might write a review for this game later… ‘Maybe I might write a review later.’ Remember that phrase? I said that when I spoke about MegaMan Star Force and it’s sequel. Have I written a review for them yet? No, so I should get off my lazy ass and do some work. Kind of like this blog post which I think is my longest casual (not article) post I’ve ever made so far. Let’s try and channel some of that writing ability into a review!

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New Section – Upcoming Events

Posted by shaun832 on January 19, 2009

I’ve added a brand new section on the site called ‘Events’. I want to make events so I can become more involved in the online community.

The latest event will be a game night for Burnout Paradise on the Xbox 360. Go to the Events section now for more info. I don’t expect a lot of people to show up but if you read this post, please try and make it.

I might use the section to organise times for BlogTV shows in the future. It just depends. Later!

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GTA IV Has it’s Flaws

Posted by shaun832 on December 11, 2008

Okay, before you complain about the fact that this game came out all the back in April and it might just be a little bit late to post a blog entry criticizing it, I want to point out something. I only got my first Xbox 360 a month ago and I got GTA IV with it. So I’ve only had it for about a month and I feel that’s a good time to start pointing out it’s flaws. Maybe it’s actually a tad late as it is. Oh well. Let’s start this mini-review.

The first thing I noticed about this game is the fact that it has so much to do i it. I mean, you can catch rides in taxis, watch tv, go bowling, get drunk, err, watch tv… There’s a problem here. There’s so much to do in it but it seems to wear a bit thin fairly early. The only thing these activities I mentioned are there is that they are to distract you from actually playing the game, except for the taxi rides of course.

The driving controls are pathetic. In previous GTA games, it’s easy to turn tight corners but on this one, trying to turn a corner will send you sliding straight into an unsuspecting police officer. Don’t say that I should slow down to turn the corners because that’s what I was doing. Also, don’t try to handbrake. It just makes things much more difficult.

The fact that when you crash into a solid object at a high velocity will send Niko through the windscreen and into oncoming traffic is cool at first but it soon becomes a major annoyance. For example, you’re chasing a guy and you almost get near him and a barrier comes out of nowhere and sends you flying into the water as you watch helplessly as the man gets away.

A problem with the previous example is that some objects don’t render themselves fast enough when you are going at a high speed and you hit an invisible object just before it becomes visible. I’ve only had this happen to me a couple of times but it is a bit annoying and maybe I shouldn’t complain this much about it.

There are many more problems with this game but it is overlooked by the ability to run innocents over with a bus, before you run into a tree and kill yourself.

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EM Wave Change! On the Air… again

Posted by shaun832 on October 24, 2008

Before it talk about this game, I want to talk about how I got it. Apparantly, it’s not out yet in Australia, it comes out at the end of October, so I ended up buying it off EBay from the UK for about $50 AUS, which is about $30 US, stupid economic crisis! Australian money was almost worth more than American money and it just dropped half way when the crashes started happening and… wait, what was I talking about again? Oh right. MegaMan Star Force 2.

Four weeks ago, I sent away for it and waited a week. I noticed something during that week. A lot can happen in such a short amount of time. But enough about my personal life, back to the end of the week.

Three weeks ago, the game arrived in the mail. I opened the package and there it was. MegaMan Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja, the version I bought. So I started playing it. Something I noticed immediately was that it wasn’t much different from the original. Okay, I kind of expected that. Capcom has a reputation for that. Or is that just the MegaMan series? It doesn’t matter.

Two weeks ago, I got stuck on it. But it was at a point in the game where you’d expect that to happen. The final boss. This boss is HARD! Or was that just me and the fact that I rushed through most of the game and didn’t get any powerups? Probably yes.

One week ago, I beat it. Thank god for that! And then a thought hit me. ‘Oh, that’s it… that’s a tad disappointing.’ Since I’ve finished the game, I might review it but since I didn’t review the original and I said I was, don’t count on it.

Just a quick summary of the game. The same old thing and disappointing. Sadly I expected that and that’s why I bought it. Let’s just wait for MegaMan Star Force 3 to come out and see if they can pick the series up. Which probably won’t happen. For now, please enjoy this trailer for it that was shown at TGS 2008!

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Fallout 3 Now Edited Worldwide

Posted by shaun832 on September 10, 2008

When Fallout 3 ran through the Australian Classification Board the first time, it got Refused Classification. Since there is no R18+ rating for games in Australia, this meant that the game got banned. Later on, Bethesda Softworks edited Fallout 3 slightly and ran it through the Classification Board again. This time it got an MA15+ rating and was unbanned.

There was only one change to the game. All references to real world drugs in Fallout 3 (which happens a lot) was removed and the names of the drugs were changed to names that don’t exist.

Now this edited version is being released worldwide (more info in the article link below), replacing all the other versions that have the word ‘Morphine’ in it.

I find this quite funny. I never actually thought the Australia Classification Board could tick people of worldwide but here’s proof. Now the world will know what it is like to be a gamer in Australia!


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EM Wave Change! On the Air!

Posted by shaun832 on September 8, 2008

I found a copy of MegaMan Star Force (GameSpot Profile) at my local JB Hi-Fi for $75 and I thought I’d buy it.

Now I know what you are thinking, ‘But $75 for a MegaMan game? You’re an idiot!’ Well after playing through the entire game in 12 hours I came up with a reply. Yeah, I did do something stupid. But I kind of liked the game. I don’t know why. I just have this soft spot for JRPG’s. I just like them no matter how stupid they are but I can’t be too stupid, or I will destroy it!

Now, GameSpot gave it a 6.0. Fair enough. I thought it deserved that. Seems way to much like the Battle Network series. The only real difference are the battle scenes which are now in 3D but with that said, there’s nothing else to say!

I might write a review if I have time. I have LOTS of time so it’s almost certain I will write one!

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A New 8-bit Game

Posted by shaun832 on July 17, 2008

As some of you may have known by now, the next MegaMan game, MegaMan 9, has been confirmed and is being released at the end of the year. There’s just one thing about this game that’s really bothering me. It’s 8-bit!

This is going to be the first game in the original series of MegaMan since 1996 when MegaMan 8 came out for the PlayStation.

The game was originally confirmed to only be available on WiiWare but soon it was confirmed that it will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The game will contain new Robot Masters, bosses if you don’t know much about the original series, including, for the first time, a female.

I’m excited about this game because of the fact that it is a new MegaMan game in the original series. That is probably the only reason I will buy it, because I enjoy the classic 8-bit MegaMan games and so do millions of people around the world.

This game will not appeal to younger gamers (I’m 15 so I mean younger!) because the game has bad graphics compared to todays games and they might judge the game by this and avoid it. A price tag of 1000 Wii Points does not help this.

Here is the trailer released for this game:

Please don’t screw this up Capcom!

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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Review

Posted by shaun832 on June 28, 2008

Resident Evil 4 is a horror third-person shooter game that does things differently compared to the other Resident Evil games.

You play as Leon Kennedy, a survivor of the Raccoon City incident that occurred during the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3. He now works for that government and is sent on a mission of find and rescue the President’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult. There’s a sighting of the President’s daughter in an isolated village in Europe and Leon investigates. While he is there the villagers start attacking him for an unknown reason so Leon has to find the President’s daughter and find out the secret of the village.

There are no zombies this time around. I know what you’re probably thinking. ‘But its a Resident Evil game, the only thing you do is shoot zombies’. Yes, that is true but they have been replaced by something so original (/sarcasm) that it will make you think, ‘Wow, why didn’t I think of that.’ Possessed humans, fully equipped with pitchforks, axes, knifes, other whatnot that has a sharp end and dynamite sticks.

Gone are the absolutely horrible (and somehow awesome) ‘frozen’ camera angles. Instead of the camera pointing at you in some awkward position, the camera is in an over-the-shoulder position which is alright but it seems like its been done, which it has, many times before.

Almost the entire game is an escort mission. I hate escort missions especially if they make the NPC who’s following you a complete idiot. Unfortunately sometimes in this game, your partner does something so stupid that it makes you not want to care about her and just push her into a mob of charging bloodthirsty villagers.

The guns in this game range from pathetic to freaking’ awesome. You start off with a handgun and, if you are like me and chose the easy mode (which I’m pretty sure is Wii exclusive), a shotgun. You eventually get a sniper rifle that is hopeless in a close-up situation, a rocket launcher and a few different types of grenades like the hand and flash grenade.

The enemies are good and bad at the same time. The case for the game says that the enemies work together but I’ve never seen them once perform this feat. The enemies react differently to where you shoot them. Shoot them in the feet and they stumble to the ground. Shoot them in the arm and they drop their weapon. Shoot them in the head and they die, sometimes.

Ammo is everywhere in this game. They are in boxes, the enemies drop it but you can’t buy them from the salesman who looks like one of ‘them’ and will turn on you at any moment. When you run out of ammo, you are screwed. This time you have a knife if you run out of ammo so you aren’t as screwed as you would be if you ran out of ammo in any other Resident Evil game.

The whole game takes some advantage to the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities. You aim using the wiimote, slice the knife by shaking the wiimote and that’s actually it but I don’t blame the lack of the range of motion sensing abilities because that’s really all you can do with it.

In short, this is another Resident Evil game, just revamped with a whole new way to play. I highly suggest buying it and keeping it.

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I hear a rustling in the bushes…

Posted by shaun832 on June 19, 2008

I recently bought Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and I have to say. The first few hours are freakin’ scary! The enemies are strong and take about 5 bullets to kill or 2 carefully placed headshots!

The girl you eventually find get on your nerves as she constant runs into traps and enemies and if she dies, its game over. Sometimes I just let her die and I just go on my merry way!

The guns range from pathetic to freakin’ sweet! You start off with a handgun and if you are like me and you don’t like RE games when they get too hard, a shotgun on easy. I think the easy mode is a Wii exclusive feature.

There’s a sniper rifle you eventually buy off this random salesman who I think will eventually turn on you. It just seems that way. An expensive rocket launcher which I haven’t been able to have a go at because its, well, expensive!

You eventually get more types of the same gun but better.

I might write a review for this game but just wait until I get further into it…

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