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AVGN vs Zero Punctuation

Posted by shaun832 on June 26, 2008

The Angry Video Game Nerd (often shortened to AVGN or The Nerd) is a character created and played by Internet filmmaker James Rolfe. It is also the name of his popular Internet video series.

Zero Punctuation is the name for a series a videos by English born writer Ben Croshaw (commonly known as Yahtzee).

Both of these video series do the same thing, reviewing video games. I am about to break these series down to find out which is superior.


Both series do review games but they review different types. The AVGN reviews games from twenty years ago and Zero Punctuation reviews the latest games. Since the AVGN reviews games most people around the world grew up with, people can relate to them and enjoy the videos more. A problem with this is that everyone is doing it, ie. The Irate Gamer.

Zero Punctuation reviews new games so it targets another, larger audience of gamers who only like the latest things.


The AVGN derives his humour from his complete frustration at the horrible games he reviews, so there’s bound to be some level of profanity in his videos. This is a problem because this is the only thing the humour is coming from.

Zero Punctuation uses a variety of jokes so it doesn’t feel like you’re watching the same thing over and over again.

Does it actually review games?

The AVGN does talk about games but not in enough detail. He mainly only talks about the bits that frustrates only himself.

Zero Punctuation also talks about the bad things but it talks about it more as a whole rather than in the AVGN who only talks about little tid-bits of the game.

Both actually don’t ‘review’ the games since they don’t talk about the good parts of the game as well.


The AVGN targets an audience of retro gamers and Zero Punctuation targets gamers who like the latest games.

The AVGN reuses the same jokes over and over again and Zero Punctuation has some variety in its humour.

Both games don’t actually ‘review’ games but Zero Punctuation give more detail than the AVGN.

In conclusion I would recommend Zero Punctuation over the AVGN.

-Shaun McGarry


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